In JHUB Hackathon league ,the University wide Innovation competition exclusively for the students.
It is open for the students with innovation idea and belief  to.

Start-up-cell of JNTUH-CEM for this time presents the "Hack-Elite"on AGRI-TECH &WATER CONSERVATION @ JNTUH MANTHANI. 

About the Event:

"Talent wins Games,but Teamwork and Intelligence Win  Championship".

In association with JHUB , JNTUHCEM is organizing the 1 day Boot-Camp(Techinical workshop) on themes given ,on 8th January-2019,and 
This event is for 36 hours on building the prototype for a smart idea under Mentor Guidance.

We strongly believe that our hackathon is the great way to promote Innovation and Incubation thinking among students by bringing in cutting edge problem statements .By making them work hands-on students will get an enriched learning to solve real world Problem.

Team of minimum 2 and maximum 4 is required to participate.
Please mark the dates in your Calendar.


Registration :  On or before 02-January-2019 to 04-January-2019 @ ENTRY for Free! (includes Food and Accommodation)
-> Participants and even volunteers of Hackathon  can register in JHUB'S website where they become eligible for getting notifications about internship/internship offers.

Boot-Camp : On 07th,08th -January-2019.

Hackathon On : 9th ,10th January-2019.

  • All participants of the Hackathon receive a participation certificate  from JHUB and a chance to upload their profile on JHUB portal for access to future opportunities.
  • participants  shall also have access to skill development and other intervention programs and workshops organized by JHUB.

Top 3 teams of the Hack-Elite event shall receive
  1. Certificate of merit  from JHUB .
  2. Entry to the Central Hackathon at JHUB .
  3. one-on-one mentoring session from Industry Mentors .
  4. Entry to EXITE-2019, 6-week Summer product Engineering workshop at JHUB.
  5. Access to labs at JHUB .
  6. Chance to compete for the place in UNIVERSITY TOP 20 INNOVATORS List.

  • Each team may comprise of minimun 2 and utmost 4 members
  • Team members can be different years of studying and/or branches of study
  • Each partipant shall be part of only one team and each team can submit only one idea for Hackathon
  • The sprit of the competition is to nurture and recognize innovations and hence teams are required to submit original ideas.
  • Incomplete,Illegible,Multiple entries will be Disqualified.
"You can start Registering from below link "



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  1. Can you people mention exact theme on which we can make a presentation. We are unable to understand theme and we are getting confused on which we have prepare our presentation


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